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Fresh Snow in Colorado | Best of the Southwest

You have got some great moves. Really, you must. Because with the storms that have been pounding us here in Colorado, it’s clear that there must be some seriously stylin’ snowdancing going on…

Not only have the storms been back-to-back, but they’ve been well-timed, arriving just in time for weekend warriors to get out and enjoy the powder. The snow means more than just powder too: across the state, resort after resort are opening for the season, dropping the ropes and opening new terrain, and generally kicking off a great ski season. As of writing this little blog entry, all but one of our member resorts are open and offering sweet skiing and snowboarding. Hit up the snow report to plan your next outing.

But perhaps the hardest hit (and yes, I mean that in a good way) area of Ski Country has been the Southwest corner, where you’ll find the Best of Southwest Colorado. Somewhat off the typical Colorado path, the southwest is not to be missed and I’m not saying that just because I live here. Southwest Colorado’s got everything: family skiing at Purgatory, Unmatched steeps, dining, and scene at Telluride, history, charm and authentically western Crested Butte, super-duper gnarly Silverton Mountain, and the most snow in Colorado, found year-after-year at Wolf Creek.

Telluride Skiing

This weekend I focused on Purgatory at Durango Mountain Resort. I headed out early and snapped some pics in the powder before it all tracked out, which wouldn’t take long, since the whole town was jonesing for some turns. Purgatory skis great early in the season. Its slopes are grassy with only a few rocks, and the stairsteppy slope offers plenty of fun features to play on.

Powder snowboarding in Colorado

Telluride is just up the road from Purgatory, in a scenic box canyon that is so beautiful it’s fallen in to favor with fancy socialite types and Oprah alike. Telluride offers, in my opinion, some of the most scenic views in the country – it really is like being in the alps. The mountain is huge, and has tons and tons of terrain. Telluride’s also got some amazing restaurants on the mountain, so it’s fair to say the skiing and dining are both unmatched. I certainly make the trip every chance I get.

Alpino Vino is the highest wine bar in the country.

Alpino Vino is the highest wine bar in the country.

I’m assuming that if you’ve read this far, you’re probably going to wind up booking a trip or at least making a road trip to southwest CO. Good! When you get here, don’t miss Wolf Creek Ski Area. They deal with more snow than an eskimo plow-driver eating a snow cone while listening to Snow Patrol. Seriously, it snows a LOT in Wolf Creek. And if you’re wondering how they get so much snow, it’s because they made a deal with the man in red pajamas…

Santa skis wolf creek ski area

Crested Butte is another southwest spot not to be missed; a historic cowboy and ranching town found in Southwest Colorado. Crested Butte is known as the venue for lots of extreme skiing competitions back in the day, and it’s known around the world as a place where extreme skiers can put it all on the line. But it’s not all steeps and cliff-drops. Crested Butte is also a great place for families and kids, with a ton of fun activities, great restaurants, and fun attractions.

zipline in crested butte colorado

If you’re headed to Colorado, you’d be well-served to check out the Best of Southwest Colorado. Tell ’em the Mountain Correspondent sent you.

-Mountain Correspondent