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Free Parking: Terrain Parks in Colorado

A quick bit of math: Take all the awesome ski and snowboard spots in Colorado, then find all the sweet terrain parks, halfpipes, and superpipes in Colorado. Add all the parks, pipes, superpipes, and jibs togehter. What do you get? About a jillion ways to catch air in the highest state in the union. Here are some highlights from one of ’em:

OK, so I’ll admit that I didn’t get the job of Mountain Correspondent because of math skills, but hear me out…

There aren’t a jillion terrain parks in Colorado, but there are a lot. After all, there’s a reason the X Games have been calling Buttermilk at Aspen/Snowmass home for years. Woodward, now the star of its own reality TV show, is found at Copper Mountain. Loveland nearly always has one of the country’s earliest-to-open terrain parks, and Silverton Mountain’s terrain park… wait. Silverton doesn’t have a park. Heck, they barely even have runs. But

Terrain parks aren’t for everyone, as can be seen in this post. I’ll admit I myself am not much of a park rat. My trick repertoire never advanced much past a helicopter. (Helicopters are what old people call 3’s) But if you’re in to taking a little air, you can compare all our member resorts’ mountain stats here, and scope trail maps for each of them here.

Get out there and shred. I (probably won’t) see you there.

-Mountain Correspondent