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Drive for Ski License Plate Rounds Final Turn

At the end of last week the state legislature took the final steps toward allowing Colorado to have a ski license plate. Late in the evening on May 1st up on Denver’s Capital Hill, the Senate gave the green light on the bill which put it in the hands of the Governor. Once Governor Ritter signs the bill it will be official, Colorado will be the first state to have a ski license plate that depicts both skiing and snowboarding.

For many years people have been contacting Colorado Ski Country USA wondering about a ski license plate, how to get one and where to buy one. The process for offering a ski plate began last year when Colorado Ski Country USA started collecting signatures on a petition that people signed requesting a ski plate design. The petition was required by the Department of Revenue and needed to have a minimum of 3,000 signatures; when Colorado Ski Country USA turned in the petition, more than 4,500 signatures were collected.

It may not seem like a big deal but when one considers that other well known ski states have had ski plates for a while, it’s great that Colorado is now able to offer one too. Utah, Idaho and even New York offer ski plates. But Colorado’s will be the fist one with a picture of both a skier and a rider. The final design is in the hands of the Department of Revenue, but the latest version is something like this:

The ski plate will cost drivers $50 more than regular plates and that $50 will go to the state and be used to help pay for Colorado’s roads and bridges. The plates should be available sometime before next ski season.