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Dress Up for Halloween the Colorado Ski Country Way


Halloween is just around the corner and with it comes the pressure to find a funny, creative, or in some instances, last minute costume idea. Why not dress up for Halloween the Colorado Ski Country way? We put together some ski and snowboard inspired ideas to help you and your costume be the hit of the holiday. Enjoy!

TuxedoersOfTheWeek-223x300I Shred in Denim Have some old stone-washed denim laying around? Dont let it collect dust in your drawer. Tuck those jeans into your ski boot, style it with an ugly ski sweater or flannel shirt, and top it off with a hat with ear-flaps and youve got yourself a costume that wont go unnoticed.




onsie3I Rock the 80s Onesie This retro look is one of our favorites to bust out on the slopes and at a Halloween get-together. If you have one in neon, even better. Add a head band and some retro Ray-Bans for an extra nod to the awesomeness of the 80s.






park ratPark Rat You know that guy who is always hanging out in the terrain park with a long t-shirt, oversized pants and projecting the image of mad skilz when it comes to going inverted or rail sliding? This is your look. With your ski pants, XXL t-shirt, hoodie, and ski googles you can easily pull off this one (but maybe not his tricks).






tutuI Heart Tutu Ladies, we support any excuse to bring out your inner ballerina on the snow. On Halloween, a tutu looks great over anything. Add knit mittens and a colorful beanie and youve got yourself a proper Halloween skiing tutu costume.