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The Dogs of Colorado Ski Country

Aspen Snowmass Aspen Snowmass

Did you know? Several ski resorts in Colorado Ski Country employ highly trained dogs to assist in ski patrol operations. While it’s exceptionally rare for avalanches to occur at ski areas, these pups are very well prepared, just in case! Their keen senses of smell and superior digging abilities come in handy when Ski Patrol help out with search and rescue operations in the backcountry, and our Avy dogs always like to put on a show when resorts do safety demonstrations. For example, this very good dog at Aspen Snowmass is engaging in feats of strength to entertain the little ones.

These are the dogs of Colorado Ski Country. Like the rest of the staff at Colorado’s ski resorts, Avy dogs are friendly, well trained, and will help you have the best ski day possible.

Dave Camara, Arapahoe Basin Dave Camara, Arapahoe Basin

 Rio, one of Arapahoe Basin’s elite crew of Avy dogs, enjoys playing around in the snow on a sunny day with the East Wall in the background. Good doggie!

Casey Day, Copper Mountain Resort Casey Day, Copper Mountain Resort

 Good dog, ever vigilant at Copper Mountain Resort.

Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Arapahoe Basin Ski Area

 Oh, good doggie!

Crested Butte Mountain Resort Crested Butte Mountain Resort

 These dogs at Crested Butte think they’re reindeer. Are you going to be the one to tell them rein-dogs aren’t real? We think not.

Loveland Ski Area Loveland Ski Area

 This Avy dog at Loveland Ski Area is taking its job very seriously indeed, by reading the Responsibility Code for all skiers, snowboarders, and dogs. Know the Code!

Wolf Creek Ski Area Wolf Creek Ski Area

 A stunning photo all around from Wolf Creek Ski Area.

Loveland Ski Area Loveland Ski Area

 This little guy is too cool for (ski) school.

Steamboat Ski Resort Steamboat Ski Resort

And what would a collection of ski dogs be without a Saint Bernard? This fella from Steamboat even brings his first aid kit along. It’s a first aid kit right? We’ll go with that.