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Didn’t get the Chance to Show off Your Spring Skiing Outfit? Show Us and Win A FREE Pair of Head Skis

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Many folks in Colorado Ski Country argue that spring skiing and riding is actually the best season. We all missed some fun spring turns out on the slopes this year, but maybe, more importantly, we also missed all the fun, crazy spring outfits and costumes. Didn’t have the chance to dust off your favorite onesies? Ski or ride in a swimsuit? Well not to worry, we have the competition for you.


Between now and the end of the day on Friday, May 1st, take a picture of you in your spring skiing and riding outfits. We’ve seen tutu’s, tiger costumes (look out Carole Baskin), bodysuits and bikinis so show us what you were planning on wearing this spring season in Colorado.

Make sure to tag Colorado Ski Country USA on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when you post your photo and use the hashtag #AMountainForEveryone for a chance to win a free pair of men’s skis, women’s skis OR kid’s skis. Only one (1) pair of skis will be handed out. 

It’s as simple as just posting a picture, tagging us and using our hashtag!


At the beginning of May, the staff from Colorado Ski Country USA will each pick their favorite photo (5 photos will be chosen) from the submissions we receive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and we will then post each photo separately on each of our social media platforms. Whichever photo accumulates the most ‘likes’ across all of our social platforms combined after one week’s time (7 days) will be the winner of whichever pair of skis they want!

Be creative with your photos! Wear your equipment. Make fake snow. Get the kiddos and doggos involved. We know there is a lot of time to spare during these weird times so why not try and win a free pair of skis?

Be sure that we can access your social media account. Those with private accounts may not be able to be reached by us when we try to slide into your DM’s to give you a free pair of skis. You will have three (3) days to respond to our message or else the photo with the next most likes will be chosen. 


Outfit Ideas

Below are some images of outfits we’ve loved in the past. 

5.18.19 SpringSnowLowRez 23 0

Gotta love a good onesie! 

20180506 Loveland DustinSchaefer (1) copy


Wigs, patterns, and shades. We’re into it. 


20180506 Loveland DustinSchaefer (5) copy


Superwoman made an appearance and we were here for it. 



The Joker? Edward Scissorhands? Mad Hatter? Oh yes, come with a full painted face. 


20180515 ABasin CurtisDeVore SwimwearDay (1) copy


Baby Giraffes and Unicorns will almost certainly be one of our picks. 


Have fun! Don’t forget to tag us. You have until the end of May 1! And GO!