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Copper and Woodward Keep Skiing All In the Family

By Mary Tisi, Jackson and Daniel Tisi

My first visit to Copper was April 2010. I drove my two boys down from Jackson Hole for the USASA Nationals Ski and Snowboard competition and ended up deciding to stay for the week to recreate since I love the area so much.

We make a family vacation out of our trips to Copper Mountain which usually last seven to ten days. In the winter its skiing, shopping, eating in the great restaurants, as well as playing in the pool, gym and spa facilities.

Our goal was to take the boys to the Ski Nationals so Copper kind of chose us.Since then, weve chosen Copper. Its a fun and relaxing place for everyone in the family to spend time. The mountain is a great place to ski, which is always my favorite part of the visit. The lodging facilities are a stones throw from any chairlift, which makes it extremely easy to get around.

Copper_aerial1On my first visit, I was surprised at how easy it was to navigate the mountain, the base area, and how comfortable an extended stay could be with the amenities available. Woodward at Copper has a great, safe training facility if your kids like any type of freestyle sport. You have to see it to believe it. The staff is amazing and the ratio of staff to athletes is great. You cannot find a better facility for a child (or adult) to learn or train in the safest possible way, all while having a ton of fun. Its open in the winter. but Woodward at Copper is a part of our summer plans every year now, too.

We plan to make it to Copper at least twice a year, once in winter and once in summer. I love hiking the mountain in the summer with all the wildflowers in bloom and checking out the kids practicing on the summer snow in Catalyst Terrain Park during my travels.

I wouldnt change a thing at Copper. Our trips have all been great and we always recommend Copper to our friends as a fun, family destination.

Jackson_Copper Jackson, 15, Wyoming.

I have been at Copper for the past two years for USASA Nationals and for a week long summer camp at my favorite place, Woodward at Copper.

I did not know much about it until my first visit to Nationals.Now, going to Copper has become one of the highlights of my ski season.

We ski on our own, compete and spend a lot of time in the Woodward at Copper Barn. My favorite part hands down is visiting the Woodward Barn and Cage. The Woodward Barn was a huge surprise. I have never been to such an amazing facility. The facility is incredible and the staff is super nice. We spend time training (and playing) on the flybed trampolines and snowflex.

I did not expect it to be so easy to access everything at Copper. From any condo unitWoodwardCopper2_Barn you can walk to the chairlifts, the Woodward Barn and Cage or any restaurants.

Before I went to Copper I did not know that the resort had as many parks and rails as they did. I also did not realize what a professional pipe they had. The air bag on the hill was a great surprise, too.

My favorite off snow activity is being at the Woodward Barn either riding the snowflex or playing TRAMP with the Woodward staff.

I have already recommended Copper to a lot of my friends because I have such a great time there in the winter and summer. A lot of campers from my hometown have gone to Woodward at Copper for summer camp after they’ve heard how amazing it is and seen how my brother and I have progressed with our skiing.

I plan to go to Copper every year for at least one visit in the winter. The only thing I would do different is stay longer when I visit! I hope to stay for more than one week of summer camp at Woodward next summer.

Daniel_Copper Daniel, 12 years, Wyoming.

Ive skied everywhere. Copper is a fun and challenging mountain. I go back twice a year. Wish it could be more!

Catalyst Park is amazing and the Superpipe is great! I also go to the Woodward at Copper Barn every spare minute I can!

Copper is one of the best places to practice rails, park and pipe. You can practice outdoors on the snow AND indoors at the Woodward Barn. During my last summer camp week at Woodward at Copper I learned so many new tricks, which enabled me to progress tremendously.

I was surprised by how great the facilities at Copper were on my first visit to ski and go to summer camp. Now I just look CatalystParkforward to going back each year because theyre constantly adding new improvements that make it better and better each time I am there. They added another whole rail park this summer for camp.

I love the skiing, of course, but my favorite outdoor activity in the summer is Go-Karting and riding the Digglers.

I would definitely recommend Copper to my friends because it is the best place to progress your skills in park. It is also so much fun. I got two of my buddies (and fellow competitors) who live in Park City to come to the Woodward Camp with me this past summer. We had a blast!