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Colorado Kids Describe the Perfect Ski Day

John Trousdale, Monarch Mountain

John Trousdale, Monarch Mountain

By Kristen Lummis,

Whats a good ski day? While you might know your answers, would your kids say the same thing?

I wanted to know, so recently, I took a completely unscientific, haphazard poll and asked kids what they think makes a good ski day.

I asked kids ranging in age from 5 to 17.

I asked kids who ride, kids who ski, and kids who would rather not do either, but who put up with it because their parents make them. These were kids from across Colorado, some of whom live in ski towns and some who only ski a few times each year.

Here are their answers.

Perfect Conditions

Colorado kids are discriminating skiers. They dont like ice. They do love powder. They dont like crowds. They think moguls are the bomb. They divide on tree skiing. For some, theres nothing better. For others, being above the trees, or on a wide, fast groomer, is preferable.

The best ski day is when I can ski steep, wide open hills with a little bit of powder on them for going fast! explained one secondgrader.

Colorado kids like a challenge. Double black diamond runs make some very, very happy. One mentioned hucking big cliffs, while another described his perfect day as when the snow barely makes a noise when you turn and the jumps are good!

And then there are those who simply love to ski, no matter where or under what conditions. Skiing is always good, explained one 14 year old boy. Even when the snow could be better, I always have fun.

Friends Equal Fun

While they care about the snow conditions, Colorado kids are also all about the company they keep. Who they ski with is as important as what they are skiing. One teen put it this way, I have fun, even when the snow is bad, as long as Im with good people not necessarily my family but good people.


Another girl mentioned laughing with friends as the best part of her day. You mean on the lifts? I asked. No laughing all day long, she replied.

Food: Fuel or Bribery?

Food also plays a big role in the perfect skiing or snowboarding day. Many parents are familiar with plying their kids with food to get them to do something and skiing parents are no different. Ski moms and dads have been promising hot chocolate to balky young skiers for as long as skiing and hot chocolate have existed.

Just one more run. I promise. Then well get some hot chocolate.

Sound familiar?

Well, the kids are onto us, especially the little ones. Theyre working the system. Hot chocolate remains a perennial favorite, but other tasty rewards include Gatorade at lunch after an especially good run and the promise of ice cream on the way home. For one five year-old girl, choosing a big candy bar at the end of the day is her favorite part of a family ski day.

Fuel? Bribery? Or aprs ski in training?