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Clearing the Smoke on Legalized Marijuana

Colorado is known for our world class skiing. We have so much to offer skiers and snowboarders, but smoking marijuana at a ski resort is not one of them.

Last November, Coloradans passed Amendment 64, a measure that amended our state constitution to legalize possession of marijuana. There have been lots of questions about what this means for skiers/riders and ski areas, so we thought wed try to clear things up a bit.

What Amendment 64 means is that people 21 years and older can legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana; however, the amendment specifically bans public consumption of the drug. Therefore, smoking marijuana at ski resorts is still illegal, just as it was before the amendment passed.

Smoking marijuana in public places is illegal, and is clearly stated in the amendment. Public places include malls, stadiums, amusement parks, sidewalks, and ski resorts. There isnt anywhere at a ski resort that is NOT public, inside or outside, its all open to the public, this includes the lift lines, on the chairlift, in the gondola, in parking lots, on the trail, in the woods next to the trail, on the deck of the lodge or on patios. The fact that smoking is not allowed at a ski resort is not new; this has always been the case, even before passing Amendment 64.

Education is key. There is no reason guests should expect to be able to smoke marijuana at a ski resort. Just like knowing the weather and snow conditions before heading out to ski, knowing the law about smoking marijuana is important too. Resorts are working with their towns, chambers of commerce, community leaders and trade association to inform locals and visitors alike of the law surrounding smoking marijuana.

Bottom line: Smoking marijuana in public is against the law, and always has been.