Signs of the Slopes Blog

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Just like the streets of America, there are many signs to follow and obey at ski areas. These signs provide important information such as the difficultly level of the trails. Always be observant and aware of your surroundings and obey the signs of the slopes. Here are some of the basic signs that designate trail difficulty. 


High Alpine Safety Blog

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The Colorado high country enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year, so sun protection is important. The increased mountain elevations mean you’re closer to the sun, and therefore your skin is exposed to more radiation. Plus, the sun’s reflection off of fresh white snow is more powerful than you might think, and ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds even on overcast days. To ensure you and your family and friends have a fun and safe day on the slopes, remember these sun safety tips.

Helmet Safety Blog

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Colorado Ski Country encourages you to educate yourself on the benefits and limitations of wearing ski and snowboard helmets. Helmets provide added protection when you fall, but wearing a helmet doesn’t give you permission to ski or snowboard faster or more recklessly.