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Calling All Ninjas – Copper Mountain is Looking for the Worlds Fastest Ninja


Are you a ninja? What about a fast ninja? Could you be the World’s fastest ninja? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, then do I have something fun for you. If you don’t know any of those answers, why don’t you go find out!  


Opening on June 14 at Copper Mountain in Colorado, a brand new “Wrecktangle” course will be waiting for your skills and speed. Wrecktangle is an extension of Woodward which is an experiential action sports company and they’re looking for fast ninjas! Ninjas of all ages will compete on the Woodward WreckTangle for the fastest time in their age group, the fastest time by WreckTangle location, or be crowned 2019’s World’s Fastest Ninja. The name WreckTangle comes from the rectangular shape of the rig and the fact that falling is okay. Each WreckTangle has 10 obstacles including a warped-wall finish. 


Some of the obstacles include; Licorice Bridge – Three connected suspended, swinging tire strips that the ninja must navigate, testing his or her balance. Climbing Wall. Two clear, acrylic suspended climbing wall panels with climbing holds of various levels, gaps and distances that ninjas must scale across. Trampoline Jump: Using two trampolines, the ninja must clear a center triangle wedge of varying heights to a raised landing platform.


The fastest run could happen at any time during the competition, which starts on May 24 and goes through October 31, 2019. The World’s Fastest Ninjas will be crowned on November 1, 2019. Make sure to get out there this summer and test your skills! More information on this can be found at