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Best of the Southwest get dumped on

The buildup and the payoff: Southwest Colorado gets another dose of fresh snow.

We all knew this storm meant business. I knew it, my fellow skiers and snowboarders knew it, and this crazed-looking guy from the weather channel definitely knew it:

This storm's gonna be intense! Just look at the size of the 'L'!

This storm's gonna be intense! Just look at the size of the 'L'!

Sure, there was a big winter storm headed for Colorado, but where was it going to hit, and when? Living in the southwest corner of the state, it’s often feast-or-famine; when the front range ski resorts are getting pounded, sometimes we’re dry as a bone. But my fears vanished when I saw the next image from our deranged, bald meteorologist.

See that white stuff? That's snow.

See that white stuff? That's snow.

You might be saying “OK, great, thanks for the cruddy iPhone photos of the TV screen. Why should I care?” Well, you should care because it means the best ski resorts in southwest Colorado are getting dumped on.I packed up the rig and headed for Durango Mountain Resort.

Excuse me, but you're in my way...

Excuse me, but you're in my way…

Colorado’s had a few big storms already this year. Despite a slow start, things are definitely up and running. If you haven’t booked your holiday ski vacation yet you’d better get on it. If you need some guidance, check out some deals on ski vacations in Colorado. And if you need a reminder why, here’s another photo from this morning:

fresh snow in colorado

This storm is hitting right now and will continue on through the weekend, which means an all-out free-for-all on the slopes. Mother nature had us nervous for a while, but it’s clear now that we’ll have a white Christmas in Colorado, and at this rate, it’ll be a deep one too.

-Mountain Correspondent