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Beating shin bang

A note from Eric Ward, Owner, Foot Foundation

I wanted to share a thought on a strategy that could help everyone you ski with,enjoy their time here in Colorado.

There is one, easily avoidable boot issue we deal with every day at The FootLabs: “shin bang”. If you, or more importantly someone you ski with, is having trouble with it, here is a quick and easy solution. I would encourage you to share this with all your friends and guests.

The fix is dead simple, try this way to buckle up the boots. I suggest thatthe power strap or velcro strap that is attached to any boot worthskiing in, be attached and tightened up first, beneaththe plastic shell, then buckle up the shell lightly around an already tight liner. This keeps the tongue tight to the shin,and the leg snug against the spine of the boot before you buckle up. By doing this you willremove any unwanted space between the leg and the top of the shell.

photo 1

This is important enough to take a moment to check with all your friends before the first run. Be proactive about this approach and keep everyone happy and healthy for their whole vacation. A bonus in this approach, is that getting forward in the boot is basic to skiing, and if anyone is havingtrouble staying forward, the power strap under the shell can make a huge difference in this subject as well. Get themas tight as possible!

photo 2

If you are out on the hill and skiing with someone that is having any equipment issues please keep us in mind. Footlabs’ main mission is simply to make equipment a seamless piece of a great vacation.

Good luck, I hope this helps your friends and guest enjoy their time with you and here in Colorado.

Remember there is no right or wrong in skiing,there is only right and left!

Cheers and don’t just think snow, ask for some.

Eric Ward (Mosh)

The Foot Foundation: www.