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Babyor skiing? I want both!

This blog comes to Colorado Ski Country from Veronica Whitney, the Editor of El Montas – the Hispanic newspaper in Garfield and Eagle counties.

Two years ago, when my husband Charlie and I were getting ready to do an IVF (in vitro fertilization) it was fall. Winter was approaching and so was ski season, my favorite time of the year.

Aspen Mountain

Aspen Mountain

So I tried to push the IVF to accommodate some skiing. We decided to plan it for March 2011.

I must say, I felt quite guilty that my love of winter sports would interfere, and somewhat prevail, over the urge and want of being a mother. I even thought I was frivolous and that the IVF was not going to work sort of a punishment. I know, it sounds silly, but I guess thats how we operate sometimes.

Well, March came, and after several days on the hill, either resort skiing or backcountry, I was ready to do the procedure. I thought, “Great, I can get pregnant now, have the baby in Decemberand still ski next season!”

Again, feelings of guilt over the fact that skiing seemed to be more important than becoming a parent. Maybe they are both important? I always thought I didnt want to become one of those parents who drop all their hobbies for their kids. Am I too selfish? I asked other mothers who are my friends who still ski and ride their bikes despite having three kids.

Then my doctor said I was going to need a small surgery before the IVF. So I did that and postponed the IVF till August, which then became November due to some scheduling issues. So there we were right back in the throes of ski season 2011-12. If everything worked out with the IVF, I probably was not going to be able to skiat all, according to the doctor, who likes to not take any chances after putting in so much effort.

It was mid-November, and on our way to Denver to do the procedure we stopped at Loveland for our first day of skiing in the season and what I thought it would be the last one.

After two weeks I found out it hadnt worked; the day right before Thanksgiving. I had not been able to do any sports for two weeks so I went out for a run, and the next day I went backcountry skiing, and on the weekend we went skiing in Aspen.

So we decided to wait a couple of months and try again. I was going to enjoy skiing a little bit (yes, again) more feelings of guilt.

We would do it in March. I got ready to head back to Denver and guess what? Of course that was the best snow week in the season. I did get out for some runs in two great powder days before heading down, but as we came back from Denver and I had to put in two weeks of rest, we had probably the best one-foot powder day and it was sunny!

I started regretting not having waited till May to do the IVF. Everybody told me what I was doing was more importantand of course it is. But many will understand my conflicting feelings about all this. Im an active person, I cant sit still.

Well, the IVF didnt work again. We will try again later this year. So Im back on my skis enjoying what I have now. Last weekend we had a great time on Aspen Mountain, we even stopped for a glass of champagne at their new Veuve Clicquot champagne mobile spot by the way thats a great addition to the mountain. And we toasted not to the baby yet, but to a wonderful day of spring skiing.