Mar 20, 2019 in Eldora
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 2226
Lori's son, Ames, posing at the base of Eldora on a bluebird day. 

There’s something special about all the ski areas on the 5th Grade Passport, and Eldora has its own charm too. Known as Boulder’s backyard, it’s just 21 miles from downtown, up Boulder Canyon Drive. And if you prefer to skip the drive, you can hop the RTD bus from one of three stops ((with free weekend parking) in Boulder and be dropped off just steps from the Alpenglow chairlift. Or consider carpooling with a friend or two and get prime parking (for vehicles of 3 or more)

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Feb 12, 2019 in Aspen Highlands
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 3108
Aspen Highlands' iconic red rocks

Once considered Aspen locals’ ski area and best-kept secret, the proverbial cat was let out of the bag when Aspen Highlands officially joined the fabulous Aspen four resorts. With a single Aspen ski pass, you could now access all four ski areas. (Aspens free shuttle bus allows you to park once and ski all of them in a day if you’re up for the quest.) It’s difficult to choose favorites among Aspens posse of ski areas as each has its own

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Jan 15, 2019 in Buttermilk, Kids & Family Friendly Zone
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 3041
Part of an art installment tying all four Aspen Snowmass resorts together

Buttermilk is one of four ski areas that make up Aspen Snowmass resort. It’s often described as “a mountain with two personalities.” These days, it’s best known for hosting the X-games, a festival of big air and big entertainment that will take place January 24-27, 2019. At the base of the mountain, our jaws

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Nov 29, 2018 in Sunlight, Kids & Family Friendly Zone
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 2953
My son, Ames in one of Sunlight’s gorgeous aspen groves

“It’s not what it has, but what it doesn’t have” that sets Sunlight Mountain Resort apart from other places in Colorado, according to their Marketing Director, Troy Hawks. There are no parking fees, for starters. In fact, we rolled in about an hour after the lifts opened and parked just steps from the Segundo lift. This provided the convenience of our car as our day locker. After just a few runs in spring sun we needed to shed layers, making access to the car to store them hassle free

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Oct 23, 2018 in Loveland
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 2697
Ames takes in the lovely view above tree level at 13,000 ft. 

Armed with a free 5th Grade Passport, Lori Mayfield and her son Ames set off to enjoy a local favorite, Loveland Ski Area.

Beloved by locals and international travelers who know how to stretch their Euro (and other forms of foreign currency) further, Loveland is accessible in every sense of the word. Both in value and in proximity to the Front Range.

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Feb 13, 2018 in Granby Ranch, Kids & Family Friendly Zone
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 2347
My son and I practically had the mountain to ourselves

Upscale yet unpretentious

Who knew Granby Ranch would fast become our family’s favorite small ski area in Colorado? One of the best aspects of Colorado Ski Country USA’s Fifth Grade Ski Passport is that it helps families venture into parts of Colorado they might not otherwise seek out. In our almost seven 

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Jan 23, 2018 in Kids & Family Friendly Zone, Copper Mountain
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 1736
Excited to launch our first day of the ski season at Copper Mountain

Digging Copper Mountain

We made it to Copper Mountain on New Year’s Day to make good on our resolution of hitting all 22 ski areas with my son’s fifth grade pass. It was a later than intended start of our season, as the snow gods hadn’t yet done their part in bringing us early snowfall, but the nice flip side to that

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Jan 22, 2018 in Kids & Family Friendly Zone, Gear
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

It's in the bag (Continued from Part 2)

IMG 2068

Clothing and gear

For road trips especially, I prefer soft luggage I can squish into the nooks and crannies of my Prius. Thule isn’t just a master at helping you haul gear atop your car on a rack. Much to my surprise, they make incredibly smart and rugged luggage. Their

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Jan 20, 2018 in Kids & Family Friendly Zone
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

(Continued from Part 1)

IMG 2083


I'm a gear geek and relish the research of what makes a sport like skiing or snowboarding enjoyable - which hinges on the comfort of your apparel. If your kid is warm (but not roasting) in proper gear, the odds are stacked in your favor for a good time on the hill. Clothing is largely similar for skiing and snowboarding with slight differences I'll point out as we cover items from head to toe. 

Generally speaking, snowboarding clothes tend to be baggier

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Jan 19, 2018 in Kids & Family Friendly Zone
Submitted by: Lori Mayfield

IMG 2064

January is an ideal time to shop for gear before everything's picked over, and you'll find post-holiday sales galore like the New Year's one going on at Christy Sports. We headed over to their shop in Boulder to suss up what's new in gear this season and fill some holes in our gear inventory. In our quest to visit all 22 ski areas on my son's Fifth Grade Passport, I needed to ensure our goods were worthy of lasting 66 days on the slopes.

HARD GOODS: to rent or buy?

While I've been a

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