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A Ski Country Call to Action: Volunteer on the Snow for a Great Cause

photo credit: National Sports Center for the Disabled

photo credit: National Sports Center for the Disabled

The National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) is in need of Volunteers for the Winter Season. The NSCD began in 1970, providing ski lessons for children with amputations for the Childrens Hospital of Denver. Based out of Winter Park Resort and Sports Authority Field at Mile High, the NSCD is one of the largest outdoor therapeutic recreation agencies in the world. Each year more than 3,000 children and adults with disabilities participate in our programs to learn more about sports and themselves. With specially trained staff and volunteers, and its own adaptive equipment lab, the NSCD teaches a variety of winter and summer sports and activities to individuals with almost any physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral diagnosis.

There are many perks for volunteers who give their time – including eligibility for season passes to Winter Park Resort, pro deals on ski and board equipment, improving your personal skiing and/or riding skills and, above all, the first-hand experience of helping people with disabilities enjoy the adventures of mountain recreation.

The driving force behind the NSCD is a team of more than 1,300 hands-on volunteers who dedicate over 30,000 hours annually to helping people with a disability to ski, snowboard, play team sports and achieve their personal best.Without our volunteers, the NSCD would not be the program it is today: the largest, most successful program of its kind in the world. The average duration of volunteerism for any given non-profit is approximately 2.5 years. NSCD volunteers, on average, remain with the organization for over 8 years.

The NSCD’s longest running and most visible program is its adaptive alpine ski and snowboard program based in Winter Park. Consequently, their largest volunteer program is during the winter. Winter volunteers teach over 22,000 lessons in a season, and they are always looking for new volunteers to join the team.

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