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A Dad’s Season on the Bunny Slope

Casey Day, Powderhorn

Casey Day, Powderhorn Mountain Resort

By James Lummis,

I am a professional and I think it imperative to involve professionals when you want to get the job done correctly. This is true whether youre hiring an architect, doctor or auto mechanic. Its also true when youre learning to ski.

When our second son was three years old, we signed him up for ski lessons on Sundays. After his first lesson, he was excited to practice, so for the rest of the winter he skied with me every time he didnt have a lesson.

That season I skied 13 days at Powderhorn Mountain Resort and never left the bunny slope.

Intellectually I knew that I didnt have much to teach him. I am not a ski instructor and while I had skied for 35 years, I had never attempted to teach anyone.

In any case, we put the Edgy Wedgy on his skis, grabbed a hula-hoop and away we went. Riding the lift, watching the kids skiing beneath us, having lunch with big brother and Mama. Back at it with a mid-day hot chocolate break. Great days hanging and learning about my youngest boy and sharing the thrill of skiing.

My thrills increased as he gained confidence, had more fun and his speed downhill got faster and faster. Now as this development in his skills was happening my heart began to race when he asked to ditch the hula hoop. My line of work is risk management, so removing the only real speed arresting device struck fear in me. Still, as I watched him make turns, especially turns away from trees, I could see his confidence grow and feel my fear subside.

My son is a strong willed boy. He was able to take what he learned in lessons and put it into practice. Along the way he also took me for a ride I cherish to this day.

I still believe your loved ones deserve to be taught by professionals to give them the skills to progress and enjoy a great sport. But dont pass up the bunny slope if your children ask to ski with you. The vert you miss will pale in comparison to the joy you share with your child.