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A 5th Grade Skier’s Rite of Passage

A 5th Grade Skier’s Rite of Passage – As if being in 5th grade isn’t cool enough already, with the Colorado Ski Country USA 5th Grade Passport, it’s the bees knees, just ask Amanda. Amanda is in 5th grade this year at StrawberryParkElementary in Steamboat Springs, CO – “the best school EVER!” according to Amanda.

As a 5th grader, she will be able to take advantage of the 5th Grade Passport this season. The 5th Grade Passport is a Colorado Ski Country USA program that provides three days of free skiing to 5th graders at 21 Colorado ski resorts. Amanda has been waiting to be in 5th grade so she can finally get a Passport.


While the 5th Grade Passport is great for kids who are just getting into skiing and/or snowboarding, Amanda is practically an expert already. She skied 26 days last season and snowboarded once. We asked Amanda to tell us what she likes about skiing and what she thinks her season will be like this year as a 5th Grade Passport holder.

When I go skiing, I ski with anyone who can keep up with me! Dad, my friends — Mom can’t keep up with me but sometimes I let her come along. I love to ski the bumps and powdery tree runs.

Besides being with friends and family, Amanda enjoys outside in the mountains, something that the Passport will make it easy for her to do. I just love to be outside in the beautiful mountains whether it’s sunny and warm or snowy and cold.

Shes definitely looking forward to more powder days. Her best day last year sounds like a typical Colorado ski day. We skied with family friends fromDenverand found an awesome, untracked powder run that seemed to go on forever.

Her plans this year are to ski as many days as she can and shes bringing her A game to the slopes. I could absolutely beat my dad down the mountain in a race. Especially if we go through the trees and there are low hanging branches that will wipe him out!

Her favorite skier/snowboarder is, My Dad. Second favorite is Billy Kid because he always cheers me on and tells me he can’t wait to see me in the Olympics!

Sounds great Amanda! Well see you on the slopes!