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Copper goes beyond expectations

Living up to expectations is hard. Going beyond expectations is rare, unless youre at Copper Mountain. On a recent visit to Copper, it was clear they have the customer in mind.

Coppers ski school is located in a building appropriately called Union Creek School House. Ive visited a lot of resort ski schools, and Copper is definitely doing things right.

The first comforting sign that Copper ski school knows what theyre doing was evident when we arrived and parking attendants directed us to the short term ski school parking. This is key because when youre dealing with kids, gear, cold, and crowds, being able to park close to where you need to be makes the schlepp just a little easier.
Then we witnessed the first example of Copper going above expectations. While we were in the parking lot gearing up the kids, a Copper employee brought over a wagon. Like the carriage arriving to pick up Cindarella and take her to the ball, we quickly loaded it up for fear it would turn into a pumpkin and disappear.

As we approached the ski school check in, I had visions of what it must look like at the entrance to heaven. Like angels at the gates, uniform staff were standing around on hand waiting to help guests navigate the check in process. We didnt have to go up to them, they came to us and escorted us through the entire process. We were checked in and done with so much time to spare we didnt know what to do with ourselves.

Impossible to get a good photo of these turkeys

After we dumped the kids in their lessons, lovingly dropped them off with their instructors, we went to breakfast at Alpinista Cafe. I meant to take a picture of the wonderful breakfast burritos the size of bread loaves, but we were all too hungry to wait for a food photo shoot.

With breakfast out of the way we headed up for some runs. And this is where Copper again exceeded expectations.

Theres been a lot of chatter about snow conditions at resorts lately. We all know that this winter has been dry, but let me tell you, Coppers snow management team is delivering a product that will make you forget its a low snow year.

We skied for several hours and found plenty of snow, uncrowded runs, bumps, and speed educing groomers. The sun was shining, temperatures were mild, and skies were clear and blue.

The day flew and before we knew it, it was time to pick up the kids from ski school. After we grabbed the kids, one missing a pole with no idea where it was, and one from Copper TLC (with a self diagnosed hurt leg) it was time to try out the beautiful shiny brand new Union Creek Quad lift.

Expectations were exceeded again as we quickly loaded and were whisked up the mountain.

We pulled the bar down and because this is a major ski school lift, the bar has extra safety features for smaller riders.

The ride was speedy and quick and a wonderful improvement to that part of the mountain.With skiing done for the day we ventured over to Jacks for apres.
I ordered two kids hot chocolates and when they arrived, we knew right away that Copper takes kids apres seriously.

Not only were our expectations exceeded, but the kids were so excited when they saw their drinks I thought their heads were going to explode.