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Snow Conference double diamond finalists

Groomer of the Year Finalists

Louis Miller
Equipment Manager | Snowcat Supervisor
Eldora Mountain Resort

Louis’s selflessness, unrelenting positivity, and leadership are demonstrated daily at Eldora. He comes in early and stays late, and is committed to the excellence of Eldora’s snow surface, aesthetics, and guest experience. Louis is the rock star of the Eldora grooming crew—and he does it all with a smile on his face.

Trevor Mathes
Slopes Maintenance Manager
Arapahoe Basin

No one has contributed more to this season’s success at A-Basin than Trevor. He’s got a great feel for the machines, but plenty of people have that. What sets Trevor apart is his patience. He’s skilled, diligent, methodical, and precise, and his fingerprints are on everything great about our trails. More than once, he’s held us together until Mother Nature kicked us into high gear.





Snowmaker of the Year Finalists

Jay Clapper
Lead Snowmaker
Aspen Snowmass

Jay has been a snowmaking trainer for over 30 years, and in that time, he’s trained countless great snowmakers, including at least two snowmaking managers. He’s both knowledgeable and friendly, which makes him a great guest-facing presence during the season. And with a wealth of knowledge and experience at his disposal, Jay is one of Aspen Snowmass’s most valuable resources.

Micah Schulman
Snowmaking Supervisor
Echo Mountain

Micah is a persistent optimist. Even in the face of long, cold, overnight shifts, challenging weather conditions, and the unpredictability of our season, he gets the job done with a smile. Micah’s love for his teammates, his job, and Echo Mountain are readily apparent every, single day. Snowmaking takes grit and determination, hard work and perseverance. Micah has it all—and does it all—with ease.





Terrain Park Specialist of the Year Finalists

Beau Baynum
Terrain Park Grooming Supervisor
Eldora Mountain Ski Resort

Beau’s professionalism and reliability are two of his greatest strengths. He puts out the best possible product every shift he works, and that elevates the performance of the entire team. His energy motivates others to push themselves and to excel. Beau adapts to changing work environments and always rises to any challenge. He’s brought his visions to life with both passion and creativity—and that benefits every visitor to our terrain park.

Scott Mackie
Advanced Equipment Operator
Aspen Snowmass

Scott shows exemplary work ethic in the face of adversity, demonstrating time and time again why he is one of Aspen Snowmass’s most reliable and consistent operators. He is a pillar that the team has come to rely on daily. Equally impressive are his unwavering attention to detail, his positivity, and his dedication to the resort. We could not successfully operate without his expertise and his energy.