Daddy Day Care in Colorado Ski Country USA

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Skiing with kids can be tough.

As a recovering ski instructor who seemed to always get stuck instructing about thirteen four-year-olds, I can tell you that skiing with kids can make the days stretch on forever, and not in a good way. And skiing with adults ain't easy for the kids either, especially when they're learning. Dad wants to rip turns, grom wants to chill on the magic carpet. So what do you do?

The smiles say it all

The smiles say it all

You head to a place where everyone can get their fix; you head to Monarch Mountain.

OK, full disclosure: I don't have any kids. I'm more likely to be accused of being a kid than to be mistaken for someone with offspring. So while I don't have kids of my own, I still know a thing or two about skiing with them. I've spent enough ski seasons clawing my way through the ranks of various ski school programs that I've honed my skills with young 'uns on snow. Actually, I probably have more experience skiing with young kids than a lot of real parents out there. Your kids grow up. Ski instructors' stay the same age.

Monarch Mountain is an undiscovered Gem of a ski area (click here for the sweet Gems deals available from Colorado Ski Country USA). If you haven't been to Monarch, go. It's got awesome groomers, great bumps, fun trees, for mom and dad, and incredible beginner terrain for the ski-tots. I am dying to catch this place on a powder day. They've also got a super cool caterpillar magic carpet which is sure to be a hit with the little ones. So while your grommet transforms from a beginner to a ripper, you'll be out exploring.

Drop off the kids and hit the slopes at Monarch Mountain

Drop off the kids and hit the slopes at Monarch Mountain

When you want to introduce your grommets to skiing and riding, you don't want to be stuck on the bunny slope all day. And while you're still figuring this skiing thing out, you don't want your mom or dad hovering over you all day, do ya? May I recommend you hire one of Colorado's fine ski instructors to show your kids the ropes, while you hit the slopes. Monarch Mountain is a great place to start.

-Mountain Correspondent

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