Totally Average at Telluride

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For decades, the mere utterance of the word "Telluride" has conjured up visions of jagged peaks, crusty miners, an authentic western main street, and the mystique of some of the best skiing in Southwest Colorado. And the myth holds up: even an average day at Telluride is anything but, well, average:

How was my day? Eh, the usual.

How was my day? Eh, the usual.

The totally average Telluride experience continues...

An average day here starts bright and early with between 10 and 15 inches of blower Colorado powder snow. This draws the locals, especially if your average day is a Sunday. Sundays are actually not average for the typical T-ride local who works 4 jobs, because sometimes Sunday is a coveted day off. Add a fresh dump of snow and you've got about 600 new friends joining together and waiting to enjoy the snow with you.

Above-average stoke in Telluride

Above-average stoke in Telluride

When the rope drops and the free-for-all begins, it's a very orderly, calm procession to the powder. Nothing out of the ordinary here in Telluride. Totally average. Promise.

With all the incredible ski areas and ski resorts in Colorado, it may be tempting to try and find the standout, but please, take it from me - sometimes it's OK to just go with the average, especially when that average is someplace like Telluride.

-Mountain Correspondent

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