Day 2 Loveland

Submitted by admin_2 on Sun, 10/19/2008 - 16:22

So I decided at the late Saturday night to zip up to Loveland for a few turns on Sunday morning. (That's Day 2 for me, if you're counting at home.) After sleeping in (you can do that in October and no worry about ski traffic), I picked up a friend, stopped for bagels and coffee and cruised up to Loveland. We buzzed the groomed terrain on the Catwalk, Mambo and Home Run trails, all the while looking toward the top of the mountain and thinking about a day later this winter when well ski the copious amounts of deep powder off of Chair 9.

We stayed long enough to get our fix, then returned back to the Front Range for an afternoon of yard work and NFL football. With two days under my belt in the first week, Im itching for the big snow that will start falling soon. Cold weather is in the forecast and November is just around the corner. I'm off to a flying start with my quest for 50 days. How many days do you have?

Brian Metzler is a freelance writer from Boulder. His work has appeared in Best Life, Mens Journal, Outside, Ski, Skiing, Freeze (RIP!), Runners World, Freeze and the Rocky Mountain News.

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